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TIANDY successful case study -UK


Heathrow offers a digital CCTV solution with the initial focus on deployment at Heathrow, ensuring the security of your passengers, staff, passenger luggage and equipment. Heathrow offers a new CCTV infrastructure based upon digital technologies which allows a far greater flexibility in its use and enables cross-agency collaboration.

Heathrow video security system, in what is believed to be the modest system in UK to

deploy a surveillance solution with 100% IP cameras, which covers the public areas inside the

mall as well as the parking lots and surrounding areas, was designed and installed by TIANDY approved partners in UK.

All cameras are continuously recorded for a minimum of 30 days using TIANDY standalone Network Video Recorder (NVR) running on a custom software built server with 216TB of Raid 6 storage. TIANDY’s class-leading compression technology in combination with a unique feature helps reduce the overall storage requirement. Further more, the NVR provides IVS function, such as left&foreign detection to help passengers to get back the belongings.

CCTV IP Surveillance

More than a just a deterrent, CCTV provides continuous monitoring and surveillance; recorded images can be used as evidence and when as needed, and it has become a vital and powerful tool. Securely view your property via the internet when you are away or view locally on all screens at your own comfort.

Delivering security solutions over IT infrastructure is becoming more common due to the advances in video compression algorithms, powerful networks, bandwidth capabilities. We take greater responsibility for the deployment of video security on a company's network. In doing so our solutions and technologies provide a high level of security without the adverse effect on the network itself. All employing advanced networking protocols, security measures, bandwidth management tools -without compromising network integrity

There are many important considerations in the adoption of Networked/IP technology in the security industry.

demands on bandwidth   |   network congestion   |   IT friendly   |   fault tolerance in the event of network failures

Some of the benefits of Networked/IP surveillance

centralised management   |   real time information from multiple remote sites to multiple users   |   future-proof and hybrid capability   |   integration with our Paxton Access Control System   |   higher resolution of video images than analog CCTV -to see details and to identify people and objects

operate on existing wired and wireless TCP/IP networks and removes the need for running separate cables for the CCTV system, making installation quick, convenient and inexpensive

the latest video compression standard H.265+

We have the experience and array of pure analog, digital or hybrid system for small, medium or enterprise installations. The wide array of IP cameras specifically designed for security offers high-quality videos 24/7 -bringing the quality and performance of traditional systems to the world of IP.

Hikvision Smart IP cameras Packed with "SMART" surveillance technologies and superior features, Hikvision Smart IP cameras fully meet the professional CCTV requirements in bandwidth & storage, image quality and easy & convenience; furthermore, coupling with other Smart featured PTZ and back-end devices, Hikvision can provide a full SMART solution in industry.


When designing surveillance applications, more and greater requirements have become necessary for monitoring large areas such as public plazas, arenas, airports, busy traffic intersections, and the like. In very large settings, security personnel need to see more with just one camera – not just a panoramic image, but zoomed-in, detailed views as well.

PANOVIEW Series Network Cameras